Simon & Schuster

Duérmete, bebé (Hush a Bye, Baby)


En este dulce libro, un padre le asegura a su bebé que lo cuidara mientras cierra los ojos para dormir.

Con textos de rítmicas canciones du cuna e ilustraciones encantadoras, los cuentos de la colección Nuevos libros para ríen nacidos son los primeros libros perfectos para que los padres lean a sus pequeñitos.

Start here. With so many decisions to be made when you have a baby, it can be difficult to figure out what’s right in the first year. But with this line of storybooks, you really just need to open the book and start reading. Designed as the very first books to start sharing with your baby, these just-right stories have soothing read-aloud texts that are perfect for reading together. So start here. Snuggle up. It’s story time!

In this sweet board book, a parent gently reassures a baby that they will be watching over them as they close their eyes for sleep.