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Mix & Match Puzzle: Silly Trucks

Mix & Match Puzzle: Silly Trucks

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Not all jigsaw puzzles are alike, and Mix & Match Puzzle: Silly Trucks is definitely not your classic puzzle.

With 25 double-sided pieces resulting in 50 options and countless combinations, kids will love creating their own vehicle by picking the truck's body, the type of wheels and cargo, and even the driver. Mix & Match Puzzle: Silly Trucks allows kids to make up to five individual trucks at a time with a multitude of variations, and since the idea is to have fun, this puzzle features colorful trucks, some questionable drivers (a bear?!), and unexpected cargo (a clan of clowns!). Mix & Match Puzzle: Silly Trucks is a great way for kids to be creative and have tons of fun.

Included inside the box:

  • 5 double-sided pickup truck body pieces / 10 options
  • 10 double-sided sets of wheel pieces / 20 options or 40 combinations
  • 5 double-sided driver pieces / 10 options
  • 5 double-sided cargo pieces / 10 options

3+ years

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