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My Life as Lotta: A House Full of Rabbits (Book 1)

My Life as Lotta: A House Full of Rabbits (Book 1)

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Meet 10-year-old Lotta! She’s funny (all of the time), fearless (some of the time), and will make you laugh out loud!

Lotta’s escapades are described and illustrated with theatrical flair and humor, making this an enjoyable snapshot of tween life.” —Booklist

Lotta has just started middle school—but life isn’t going very smoothly. First of all, she has a teacher named Mrs. Crabbert—who is very, well, crabby. Then, her mom gives her a recorder that seems to make mysterious things happen. Lotta also wants to get her own pet . . . no matter what it takes. But her parents’ refusal to consider her request, a fight with her best friend, and that weird recorder keep getting in the way. Can Lotta make it all work out?

Like the Dork Diaries and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, My Life as Lotta shows the hilarious and heartfelt side of Lotta's everyday adventures through diary entries, notes, and doodles.
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