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Tranquil Turtle™ Rechargeable - Ocean

Tranquil Turtle™ Rechargeable - Ocean

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moving ocean waves on the bedroom ceiling, thanks to a unique, patented mechanism.

The Tranquil Turtle™ nightlight soothes baby from birth and reassures children who are afraid of the dark. A soft plush companion during the day, it transforms into a magical nightlight at night.

Chose a calming melody or the sound of waves (white noise) to soothe baby into a relaxing sleep. Its underwater light effect is magical thanks to the projection of constantly moving waves. It is possible to adjust the brightness to create the perfect sleep environment.

It has 2 soothing sounds: underwater melody and ocean waves, and 6 adjustable volume levels.
The 23-minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence so your child can sleep soundly.

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